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LHC - cosmology interplay
25 June - 10 Aug 2007

Organizers: John Ellis, Sabine Kraml and Michael Plümacher (email)

Motivation and scope

Fundamental new insights are expected from the exploration of the TeV energy scale at the CERN LHC, allowing us to establish the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking as well as a theory beyond the Standard Model of strong and electroweak interactions. Since the evolution of the Early Universe was controlled by the properties of elementary particles and fields, this will also have far-reaching implications for cosmology. This concerns in particular the questions of the dark matter and of the baryon asymmetry of the Universe.

This programme hence focuses on the interplay between LHC phenomenology and cosmology, with the aim to work out what we may learn from discoveries at the LHC about the Early Universe.

Date and format

The programme will run from 25 June to 10 Aug 2007. The focus on the two core topics will be as follows:

  • June 25 - July 20 .... dark matter and the LHC
  • July 16 - Aug 10 .... baryo/leptogenesis and the LHC

with 1 week (July 16-20) overlap between the two topics. Moreover, a 2-3 days miniworkshop is envisaged during the overlap time. Note also that

- the Physics at TeV Colliders workshop takes place in Les Houches 11-29 June 2007
- and SUSY07 takes place in Karlsruhe July 26 - Aug 1, 2007.

Participants who cannot come for the full duration are strongly encouraged to time their visits such that they are present during the overlap week. That means that, for instance, for a 3-weeks stay with interest in the dark matter part, the optimal time would be July 2-20.

The format will be very informal. We plan to have dayly discussion meetings in the TH common room, with coffe/tea and biscuits provided by us. Apart from the miniworkshop, there will be no formal talks. The focus is clearly on discussions, collaborations and actual work.

The projects pursued within the CERN-TH programme should be finalized until about the end of 2007 and eventually lead to a CERN Yellow Book. Details will be discussed during the programme....

Key Participants

 name institution              period of stay
 H. Baer Florida State 3 weeks
 G. Bélanger LAPTH Annecy 3 weeks
 W. Buchmüller       DESY 2 weeks
 M. Carena FNAL 2-3 weeks
 J. Cline McGill Montreal 4 weeks
 L. Covi DESY 3 weeks
 S. Kraml CERN/LPSC 7 weeks
 K. Olive Minnesota 2 weeks
 M. Plümacher Munich 4 weeks
 C. Wagner Argonne 2-3 weeks

Several more participants are financially supported, see the list of registered participants.

How to apply

Application is through the normal CERN-TH visitor form.

IMPORTANT: do not forget to specify that the purpose of your visit is
"to participate in the CERN-TH institute on the LHC-cosmology interplay".

In addition, please send an email to the organisers informing them about your application.

Applications received by 1 March 2007 will be given priority.

S. Kraml, last update 18 July 2007